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The role and function of a World Trade Center (WTC)

More than a building or an organisation, a World Trade Center (WTC) is a forum for all parties involved in global trading. It is an information office and a library, a training center and a meeting place - all in one.
From the Chambers of Commerce to the different trade associations, from manufacturers to importers and exporters, at some point or other, all can enjoy the tangible support of a World Trade Center that complements the services provided by existing private and governmental agencies.

The result is a matchmaking of sorts, as buyers and sellers are united, thus stimulating the economy of the region each World Trade Center serves.

A World Trade Center is defined by its international character. It is a one-stop trade information hub that brings together businesses and government agencies involved in foreign trade and puts all the services associated with global commerce under one roof. It is an information office and a library, a training center and a meeting place – all in one.

Furthermore, each World Trade Center organises a variety of trade information, trade education, trade shows and exhibitions, as well as inbound or outbound trade missions.

Certain World Trade Centers start by providing only the trade services component of a World Trade Center, which is in itself, is an important contribution to a region’s international business community. The success and visibility of these operations can lead to partnerships with other organisations that complete the World Trade Center by providing office space for world trade and related activities.

A World Trade Center’s portfolio of services and facilities addresses the needs of companies of all sizes, offering them access to the global marketplace.  They know when they call on a World Trade Center that they will be able to contact many prospective business partners in one location